We all want a safe community.


And it’s the police who ensure our communities are protected.

In recent years, Tasmania’s Police have successfully brought down crime rates and made the streets safer.

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The Unions Tasmania Women's Committee is made up of women from Unions affiliated with Unions Tasmania and is convened by Unions Tasmania President Roz Madsen.  Each affiliated union may nominate 2 formal representatives to participate in the Committee.  


The Committee meets monthly at Unions Tasmania.


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The Worker Assist WH&S Unit provides expert and proven advice, support and training to workers throughout industry and across Tasmania.


Our Unit has been providing WHS training for safety representatives for over 25 years and our courses have a reputation for informative, practical training providing skills which allow for effective participation and the management of WHS.  

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Unions Tasmania are proud to announce the launch of Worker Assist Tasmania.  Worker Assist will provide specialised assistance to injured workers about claims for workers compensation and workplace injury management and return to work. 


Phone: 1300 0 ASSIST.  


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Each year the Unions Tasmania Womens' Committee co-ordinates the Anna Stewart Memorial Project. The aim is to increase women's involvement in the union movement through training.

Over eight days the participants spend a day with their union to see and experience how it is organised as well as spending a day with another union.  

The program is a very busy one with visits to Parliament House, Fair Work Australia, the Anti-Discrimination Commission as well as education sessions, videos, presentations and meetings with women in leadership positions.

The Anna Stewart Memorial Program provides the opportunity to become involved in the union office and in meetings with members, officials, other unions; attend formal union training and learn about tribunals and organisations that impact on the lives of members and workers.

In the 2011 Program, 9 women from various unions participated.  Their project theme was Domestic Violence in the Workplace.

From left: Lyndal Schneider, Anneke Davies, Donna Johnston, Leana Mitchell, Erica Noakes, Sharon Swards, Catherine Kirkman, Kylie Timms and Veronica Young.

During the eight day program the participants researched Domestic or Family Violence and it's impact in the workplace.  As a result of the research the participants developed a tri-fold brochure for use in workplaces as well as a short video.

The brochure can be seen in the below attachment.  

Thank you to all involved in the 2011 program.

If you would like further information about the Anna Stewart Program contact your union's representative on the Unions Tasmania Women's Committee (or contact Unions Tasmania).





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Worker Assist

Worker Assist will provide specialised assistance to injured workers about claims for workers compensation and workplace injury management and return to work.

p: 1300 0 ASSIST
1300 027 747

w: workerassist.org.au