Roz Madsen PresidentPresident: Roz Madsen

Secretary: Steve Walsh

Unions Tasmania is the peak body for the union movement in Tasmania representing over fifty thousand members of affiliate unions.  Unions Tasmania is also the Tasmanian Branch of the ACTU.  Unions are integral to ensuring a fair and just society - not only by union members collectively seeking greater job security, decent wages and reasonable working conditions, a better balance between work and family life but by acting with other members of their communities to, for example, secure more jobs, a better education system, better health care, housing and child care and community services.

Union members are always enthusiastic about working together for a better society. Unions Tasmania will continue to provide leadership campaign capacity, advice, support and resources to work towards this. 


Unions Tasmania :

•  Campaigns on various issues affecting working people

•  Lobbies for improvements to laws affecting workers 

•  Represents worker interests on a range of boards and advisory committees 

•  Provides occupational health and safety training 

•  Promotes trade unionism 

•  Speaks on behalf of working people

•  Runs the State Wage Case 

•  Negotiates with Government and peak employer bodies

•  Is a sponsoring organisation for the state-based superannuation Tasplan

•  Promotes Art in working life


Download this file (Unions Tasmania Annual Report 2015.pdf)Unions Tasmania Annual Report 2015.pdf[ ]1546 kB