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How Can I Join?

Joining a union is a vital part of a healthy working life


It is now more important than ever to become a union member.

Unions can protect you from unfair treatment in the workplace and improve your job security.

Union membership is also the best way to improve your wages and working conditions:

Union members are also safer at work.
Statistics also show that union membership increases
health and safety awareness at work by 70%

  • Union members earn $118 a week more than non-union employees.
•  Union members get better sick leave and holiday leave entitlements.
•  Union members are more likely to receive long service leave and paid maternity leave.

Join a union online now................................Or call 1300 486 466 (or 1300 4 UNION)



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Worker Assist

Worker Assist will provide specialised assistance to injured workers about claims for workers compensation and workplace injury management and return to work.

p: 1300 0 ASSIST
1300 027 747