ACTU Training

The ACTU Organising Centre runs a comprehensive education program for Union Organisers, Delegates/Representatives and Activists. 

ACTU Educator Jayne Reid is your contact for queries regarding this training.  Jayne’s contact details are:

Ph: 6231 0251
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following courses will be held in Tasmania during 2013:


19th to 21st March 2013

Advanced Recruitment Skills x 3 days

This is a course for Organisers.  It’s aims are:

To advance the skills and knowledge of organisers and lead organisers to have the recruitment or sign up conversation with potential members.

To improve attitudes and behaviours of organisers and lead organisers about the recruitment or sign up conversation.

To deliver capacity to union branches in order to implement growth initiatives based around recruitment activity.


26th to 28th February 2013

Organising Foundations part 1

This course is aimed specifically at newly appointed organisers and should be completed within their first six months of appointment. The course covers current organising techniques, skills and knowledge essential to being an effective organiser. Topics include: mobilising workers; planning; identifying workplace leaders and building union culture.


11th and 12th April 2013

Organising Foundations part 2 





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Worker Assist

Worker Assist will provide specialised assistance to injured workers about claims for workers compensation and workplace injury management and return to work.

p: 1300 0 ASSIST
1300 027 747