“Many Aurora customers who lost power during the weekend storms are still off supply” says Kevin Harkins of Unions Tasmania.

“People in the southern areas of the state, such as the Huon Valley and Channel regions still face significant delays”

“Power industry unions have continually warned the community that this would happen. Now unions have unfortunately been proven correct”

“It is all because Aurora sacked nearly 300 workers with no thought for how they would maintain the system”

“While the workers that are left are doing their best, the wind damage to the system is extensive. They have been working 16 hour shifts to try and finish repairs but work won’t be complete until late this week at best”

“We have also been told that the company now “rates” different areas based on socio-economic factors and this informs how the work is prioritised, if this is true, it is disgraceful behaviour”

“We are asking the community to report these long term power outages to their local members of parliament or directly to the office of Energy Minister Bryan Green”

“What happens from there is in the lap of the gods”.

More Information - Kevin Harkins: 0419 376 362