The death of a worker today in Hobart can only be described as an absolute tragedy.

 “The loss of any life at work is just so unnecessary.  The pain now faced by this man’s family, friends and work colleagues is immeasurable”

“It is a shock to everyone in the construction industry”

“Construction unions have been voicing very strong concerns about safety standards in construction for quite some time, with very little response”

“Unions have met with Workplace Standards and representatives of the Minister on more than one occasion to vent their frustrations,  safety in construction is well below standard”

“I think the time has come for our reliance on employers and government departments to end.  I think the time has come for construction unions to play a far more proactive role in safety on worksites, and that’s what we are going to do”

“The time to rely on others to protect the safety of workers is over” Mr Harkins concluded



More Information - Kevin Harkins:  0419 376 362

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