A significant time in history for the Tasmanian Union movement, with the commencement of Organising Works program on February the 6th of February 2013!

This is an accredited Certificate 1V course in Unionism and Industrial Relations that runs over a 10 month period with both classroom, on the job learning and mentor support

For 2013 we have 10 participants which is an amazing outcome because their unions also have to provide a mentor for each participant. Some of the participants have been employed as organisers for some time, while others have just commenced. This is a huge commitment by the union movement and they are to be congratulated.

The participants in the course are Leah Cauchi, Nick Duncombe, Rosemary Stuart (CPSU SPSF) , Michael (Mick) Anderson, Todd Lambert ( CEPU) Matt Brown (AEU) Emma Gill (AMWU) Ruby Thomas-Thompson, Brendan Parkinson (ASU) Ritchie Hasset (CFMEU)

The mentors are Tom Lynch, Matt Johnson, Angela Ames (all CPSU) Bill White (CFMEU) Rodney Burles (CEPU) Roz Madsen (AEU) Brendan Honner, Nicoletta Vasilakis  (ASU)