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Construction Workers Held to Ransom

“Further delays to the construction of the Parliament House project are tantamount to holding construction workers and their families to ransom” says Unions Tasmania Secretary, Kevin Harkins.

“The construction industry in Tasmania is on its knees, unemployment is nudging 8%. This project would mean hundreds of jobs for the industry and flow on benefits to the wider community”

"I think the Tasmanian community are totally sick and frustrated by the anit-everything lobby groups in our state and in many circumstances these groups are costing jobs”

“Everyone has a right to protest and air a view but I think at times it is total overkill’

“10 Murray Street is ugly, totally out of place, and because of the asbestos contamination is a threat to the health of employees who work there and the maintenance workers that visit”

“It is time to get on with the job. Any further delay is just ridiculous” Mr Harkins concluded.


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